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You develop web pages, but are a coder rather than a web designer. You know EcmaScript 2015 first hand and make classes, arrow functions and promises like grocery lists.

The DOM tree and its plethora of APIs is what you do and vanilla CSS is your chisel for carving the customer’s desires out of that tree. 

You are enthusiastic about browser vendors picking up the standards that define the web of the future. Since you stick to the standard your code runs on all of these, even bad old IE. REST is not a break but a philosophy.

If you have the Zen of HTML you will probably do fine with creating web components leveraging Google’s Polymer framework.

If you know Polymer, all the better, but if not, some experience with React or Angular may have given you a taste of what components and modern data binding look like.

Mobile first is more than marketing to you. You praise the advent of continuous integration and are familiar with git, graphical design tools, docker and/or scrum.


  • Use leading edge technology and leading edge processes to create well designed user interfaces.
  • Collaborate with a team of highly skilled professionals to bring the ease of modern web interfaces to the world of Industry 4.0. Ensuring the on time and in scope delivery of product.
  • Team with the customer’s developers to not just help them understand and work on the code you create for them but empower them to themselves become the agile purveyors of disruption.
  • You will be working with UI/UX designers and customers to forge design into code and code back into design in the loop of agile development.


Strategic / Business Operational

  • Develop, test and deploy code
  • Collaborating with clients and colleagues to understand requirements to vision and design solutions, communicating them to customers and stakeholders
  • Support the Lead Developer and Project Manager ensuring QiO deliver effective products
  • Responsible for ensuring all key design documents are completed for the solution
  • Interact with clients to understand scope and progress of projects
  • Validate requirements and design
  • Performance testing
  • Train other team members in latest technologies
  • Help lead continuous improvement of development process, practices, tools and techniques
  • Find, test, and critically review open-source frameworks and technologies
  • Keep up to date with Industry 4.0 market trends and developments whilst developing knowledge of QiO customers and their industry domains
  • Create, Maintain and deliver documentation relating to customer projects


Business Skills

  • Software product development
  • Customer facing
  • Communication
  • Teamwork and interpersonal skills
  • Detail oriented


  • Minimum BSc in Computer Science.
  • An advanced degree in Computer Science and knowledge of mechanical and / or electrical system

Behavioural Skills

  • Problem solving
  • Excellent communication skills both internally and customer facing
  • Teaming Skills - collaboration
  • Execution
  • Self-starter
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