cloudSME UG

cloudSME UG, StartUp company, MSaaS, CloudComputing, HPCaaS, Workflow, Modeling & Simulation aaS
The commercial spin-off cloudSME aims to offer a multi-sided “Everything-as-a-Service” platform that offers various opportunities to be leveraged by stakeholders from different industries which either consume or sell simulation software. USP's: strict European Technolology, access to various SuperComputing centers in Europe, works like (OASIS-TOSCA-in-a-box),

The cloudSME platform technology was developed in the EU R&D project cloudSME in the Seventh Framework Programme to a bigger part and from its intention it is a European offer focusing on European privacy protection for its users.

For technology providers cloudSME will enable new business model opportunities, offering their software or infrastructure through a secure European platform with powerful capabilities:

- Provide your software product in the form of a Software as a Service provision (SaaS), that can be published and directly executed from the cloudSME App Center.
- Benefit from fast-track deployment & a great variety of cloud integration methods (various APIs, PaaS) that will enable great flexibility for you.
- Seamlessly access heterogeneous commercial and private cloud resources (IaaS) as well as European supercomputing centres (i.e. HLRS (DE), Cineca (IT), ROMEO (FR))
- Discover HPC as a service (HPCaaS) and convenient scalability of applications.
- Choose the right cloud, your or your customers data shall be processed in.