No-code online database. Data collaboration & insights. Airtable on Steroids. Templates. OpenData.
We offer a SAAS solution for EA, InfoSecurity, GRC, GDPR, and many more knowledge domains.
You can even create and sell your own tooling based on our platform.
Our SAAS has an ‘out-of-box’ fully flexible metamodel with scalable, adaptable building blocks to meet the enterprise’s knowledge needs across business, information, solution and technology domains. The central repository stores, structures, and presents information through powerful graphical visualizations addressing a variety of stakeholder requirements.
* Repository-based with modeling capabilities across all architecture viewpoints.
* Supports a range of presentation views for different types of stakeholders.
* Provides a range of architectural, business design and decision analysis capabilities.
* Ability to administer user access rights and security features.
* Configurable for different types of users and environments.
* Supports standards and frameworks (notational, architectural and industry), while enabling customization according to user needs.
* Delivers all features and functions in a usable, intuitive manner

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