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The team has dropped the target of implementing JSR-170 as TYPO3 Content Repository, and went for JSR-283 instead. First results can be seen at the TYPO3 5.0 development server [4].

Talking about the development server brings us to the next topic: the consequences of spearheading in technology. The 5.0 Team has encountered lots of bugs in PHP6 and keeping a test infrastructure running proves to be much harder than expected. Due to incompatibilities of phpDocumentor and Phing with PHP6, automated unit testing and generation of the API documentation on the development server is not working. The team is desperately in need of a real PHP6 specialist or somebody with the talent and skills to solve these issues. If you feel obligated or think this is your call, please contact them.

The 5.0 Team will present their results to a broader public at the T3CON07 in Karlsruhe next month. Another good reason to attend the conference.

Security Team

As always, the Security Team has been one of the most active teams with their continuous efforts to make TYPO3 the most secure system on the market. But especially the load of reviewing and testing extensions is extremely hard to manage. So, might you be able and willing to help them out in this aspect, please contact the team [5].

Communication Committee

Communication Team

With the TYPO3 project growing to a scale larger than we have ever seen before, we felt the need to organise communication in a more solid way, so the Communication Team has been resurrected. With only three members the team will start out very small and, in the first place, take care of Press Releases, news items and articles on the websites. They will also be involved in writing content for the newly to be built typo3.org website. More about this team will follow on news.typo3.org.

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