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My First Day at School

    My First Day at School

For improving his knowledge about human computer interface design TYPO3 founder Kasper Skårhøj decided to join a class at IT University of Copenhagen.

[7:15] Morning has broken! I make a one-eighty around my Y-axis. Surely, I will get up soon. [7:24] Kasper meets cold room air. Sneaks out so Rie and Amelie don't wake up. Fetches morning newspaper in boxer shorts. Breakfast. [7:47] The shower is still hot. That could be the advantage of getting up relatively early. [8:13] Amelie wants food. The marines are called in for a special mission to produce a quick oatmeal. [8:15] Order to go. Oatflakes fly through the air, most of them hit their target with millimeter precision. The siren is off at 8:24; mission accomplished, Amelie ready for transfer to the mother platoon. [8:28] The air is cold and I spot at least 10 snowflakes on my way to the metro station. [8:32] Thank God, the metro is not late today! [8:44] Oh wait, late can also mean "stuck in the tunnel". Hmm, how long is this going to last? Gotta be there at 9! [9:10] Conclusion: If I'm not late myself, surely the public transportation will make me. It seems to be destiny. [9:40] Dehydration alarm. Need water - and then some coffee. Waiting for break. Teacher talking through a bunch of Powerpoint slides. Mostly book references and an overview of literature.

There are around 15 people in room 2.18. Half of them are women. Impressive to me. Last time I was at university was in 1997. We had referred to "the girl" in my class, one out of 35 males. That was electronic engineering. Now, 10 years later, it's a less technical approach I try to take. Obviously.

At the top of the Powerpoint slide I see the title "T3: HCI - Menneske og Teknologi" (in English: HCI - Man and Technology). Funny with "T3"... but it's not a reference to TYPO3, just the name of a course here at the IT University of Copenhagen. Why I'm sitting here? Oh, if you didn't know, I decided that the year 2007 must contain a lot of inspiration for me. At least 40% of what I do should go into that direction. So, to fill a part of that activity space, I decided to sign up for a course in usability here at the university. Just a single course. Partly because my goal is to gain inspiration – and hopefully some knowledge, but also to find out if studying is something I should do more of in the future. As you may know, the price of TYPO3 for me was that I never got a degree in anything from an educational institution.

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