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My First Day at School

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The code was willing. / It considered your request, / but the chips were weak.

[11:59] Teacher announces the break and rushes to the metro. He has 60 minutes to get to the other end of town to fetch a bunch of reports that students on last year's course did. We are going to look at them this afternoon to decide on a topic for a project we will do. [12:00] Lunch break. I manage to place myself at a table with the others. Finally we communicate a bit. I explain how I developed software for 8 years but found it very difficult to wear two caps; considering usability and code at the same time. [12:15] Maybe we should analyze the human-machine interface of the vending machine in the corner there? I go for a cup of coffee. The machine engineers have not made enough usability mistakes to warrant a full-blown analysis. In fact it's working as expected. Upload coin, download coffee. TYPO3 is so much more complex.

A file that big? / It might be very useful. / But now it is gone.

[12:50] Slowly moving back to class. I still don't know any names, but I have a better idea of these people. I'm trying to figure out which ones would be cool to do the group project with. In fact, it is a requirement for me to be a part of some sort of team work. I'm pretty fed up with all that solo work I usually do. [12:55] Room door is locked.

Login incorrect. / Only perfect spellers may / enter this system.

[13:10] What about microwave combi ovens? There seems to be room for improvements, at least for male brains. Someone wants to analyze the interface of set-top TVs. That was the guy next to me. Another one is interested in how cultural factors affect interaction design. Also quite interesting. Maybe that could give an answer to the mainly European success of TYPO3? [15:25] I leave with no better idea of the project than I had on arrival. I guess it requires getting deeper into the topic first. I want the project to be exciting but also a little surprising. Next time. [15:29] I follow a few of the others out through the door. We talk. One is in a senior club at ITU for people with kids. Maybe we should go bowling. I wonder why I still only know the name of the teacher...

Hello world of books. / What is your name? None? / Untitled you are.
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