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Indiana Jones, me and you

Faith doesn’t require perfect knowledge, but it requires action. At a point in the third movie, Indiana Jones stands before a chasm with an invisible bridge. He throws sand out in the air and sees it hovering above the deep. It indicates the existence of the invisible bridge. Yet, he had to mobilize faith to dare take the first step onto the invisible bridge.

Every choice implies deselection of something else. We will never see what TYPO3 would have had become if I decided not to publish it under a General Public License (GPL). There were indicators that Open Source would be a good idea. But eventually sharing TYPO3 as GPL software was a great step in faith – believing that God meant for me to generously share my creation without hesitation. In return, God has given me more joy than I ever imagined because I have been able to bless other people! Isn’t it a paradox that a gift can be to become the servant of others? But this is how it feels, and let me add, glory to God!

It is likely that you are now reflecting about what steps in life you should take “in faith”. Whether or not you will take them in the TYPO3 world, remember that popularity is a side effect. The important thing is to listen to your inner voice to find out what your contribution to the world is, then do it. This is democratic. Everyone is important. You are unique, and what your inner voice tells you to do shouldn’t be weighted by whether it makes you a big shot or a door mat. It takes faith that maybe you don’t have now. I think you will get it if you dare to act on your conscience.

Virtual cigar box

If you ask me to point out one area of TYPO3 I hold especially dear, it has to be the graphics generation system. Even today it provides utility that many other CMS vendors still haven’t implemented. And keep in mind that this feature was one of the first features developed back in 1999 and has been left almost unchanged since. I think the humidor-cam joke I pulled around Christmas 2000 proved quite well how powerful it was! I thought it could be fun to offer people a way to donate a cigar to me. So I found a selection of 6 nice cigars in a local shop, photographed them and went home where I built a little online shop with credit card payment and a simple web service that communicated back to each time cigars were bought. On a picture was shown of my empty humidor (box for storing cigars at the right humidity around 70%), but there was a twist. Each time someone bought a cigar, TYPO3’s powerful graphics generation system rendered all the bought cigars on top of the empty humidor, including width, rotation, drop shadows, etc. so one would think it was in fact a live picture of the box! [4] Of course I had to go to the shop and buy the cigars afterwards. And again, it completely surprised me that before New Years Eve I had so many cigars in my box that I probably should have told the Danish tax authorities.

Bitte beachte unsere Community-Richtlinien

Wir freuen uns über kontroverse Diskussionen, die gerne auch mal hitzig geführt werden dürfen. Beleidigende, grob anstößige, rassistische und strafrechtlich relevante Äußerungen und Beiträge tolerieren wir nicht. Bitte achte darauf, dass du keine Texte veröffentlichst, für die du keine ausdrückliche Erlaubnis des Urhebers hast. Ebenfalls nicht erlaubt ist der Missbrauch der Webangebote unter als Werbeplattform. Die Nennung von Produktnamen, Herstellern, Dienstleistern und Websites ist nur dann zulässig, wenn damit nicht vorrangig der Zweck der Werbung verfolgt wird. Wir behalten uns vor, Beiträge, die diese Regeln verletzen, zu löschen und Accounts zeitweilig oder auf Dauer zu sperren.

Trotz all dieser notwendigen Regeln: Diskutiere kontrovers, sage anderen deine Meinung, trage mit weiterführenden Informationen zum Wissensaustausch bei, aber bleibe dabei fair und respektiere die Meinung anderer. Wir wünschen Dir viel Spaß mit den Webangeboten von t3n und freuen uns auf spannende Beiträge.

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