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Es wäre ein Traum, wenn du ihn für t3n.de deaktivierst. Wir zeigen dir gerne, wie das geht. Und natürlich erklären wir dir auch, warum uns das so wichtig ist. Digitales High-five, deine t3n-Redaktion

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Le roi du TYPO3 – king of TYPO3

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The Collective Itch

I now realize that the idealized state in which I worked full time on TYPO3 based on donations actually undermined my sense of “personal itch”. Since I didn't use TYPO3 for web projects myself, I felt less and less interested in producing a solution to problems I didn't have! This is quite logical actually. My advice to every programmer who feels motivated by a direct connection to the problem space is this: stay in contact with real world needs!

Of course, this indicates that I could fall in love with TYPO3 again by doing more consultancy. And I could live pretty well on that! But I'm not interested in wealth if it compromises my happiness. And still there is the issue of inspiration and education. So back in 2004, when we decided to create the TYPO3 Association, I already felt the first signs indicating that it was time to stop. For me, the TYPO3 Association was simply important because I knew that one day I wouldn't be the leader of the project anymore. For that day, there had to be a structure representing a “collective itch” to continue the project. So all along, the TYPO3 Association has been made for this day, today! So prepared, we were.

Love is Life

I know my exit has saddened and discouraged many. I hope you will wake up to sunshine and find that flowers still bloom in our community. When the clouds are gone, you will see how the rain has made the garden soil fertile for something new to break through. But in this garden there are also our friendships, untouched by time and circumstance. And the TYPO3 spirit unique to who we are.

I just recall a verse from the Bible where Jesus says, “This is my command: Love one another the way I loved you. This is the very best way to love. Put your life on the line for your friends.” [5] While I'm writing this, tears come to my eyes – tears of happiness, tears that feel good and true. Tears telling me that something is so right about all of this. I mean, that what we do in the TYPO3 community is right, that we are on the good track in sharing with each other. I sense something transcendent about our community and fellowship within. I think Jesus is here. I respect whatever you think. But I believe TYPO3 has helped us all realize that love is bigger than our egos. And Love is Life.

Your Friend, Kasper


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