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TYPO3 Association Activity Report 1/2007

    TYPO3 Association Activity Report 1/2007

2007 started off with another snowboard tour, the sixth of its kind, this time taking place in Les deux alpes, France.

With such a start, 2007 promises to become a strong one for TYPO3. Soon the second issue of the TYPO3 Developer Days will take place, CeBIT will have a host of TYPO3 presentations and, last but not least, the TYPO3 Association has its second annual general assembly, this time in Rüschlikon near Zurich. The 5.0 development team is working on ground breaking technology and the 4.x branch will concentrate on keeping TYPO3 at the top of the CMS game with 4.1 and consecutive releases throughout the year.

Also noteworthy is the recognition that TYPO3 has received through eContent Magazine, which has published its yearly list of top 100 IT companies and projects that lead the industry in December 2006. Among the products listed is TYPO3 in the Content Management Category.

Event Committee

TYPO3 Developer Days T3DD07

The event will take place from April 26th to 29th, 2007, in Dietikon, Switzerland (near Zurich). Watch the news on typo3.org for the start of the registration.


After months of waiting, 128 TYPO3 enthusiasts met in the French Alps in one of the highest European ski resorts to make the most of the little snow the Alps got this year. A week of almost Caribbean weather, very cosy apartments and many new faces have made it a rememberable week and have set the standard in many respects, which the event committee now tries to improve upon for 2008.

Watch the news on the association website around June to learn more about next year's Snowboard Tour. The tour will most probably take us to Flims/Laax in the Swiss Alps. Questions about events should be posted to the event committee leader, Adrian Zimmermann: adrian@typo3.org

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