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TYPO3 Association Quarterly Report

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Quality Control Committee

All the efforts of the Quality Control Committee [2] are now bundled around the Certification Team. Active T3A member Dominic Brander even left the Association's board to put all his effort into the certification process. Although team members are spread over Europe they manage to organise a team meeting about every three months.

Currently, the types and levels of certification have been defined and the requirements for each variation have been outlined. The structure of the required certification organization and the different bodies it will contain has also been defined. The team is negotiating with several renowned service providers about delivering the world wide infrastructure and helping to translate our

effort into real life. Meanwhile, the team is also working on the content of the actual tests by creating an educational framework that sets the standard for the outline of the questions.

The Team's kick-off target for individual certification on a basic level is set to October 2007. Certification for companies will be rolled out sometime in winter 2007/2008, when the first groups of developers will have been certified. This is due to the simple fact that having certified developers on your payroll will be mandatory for companies to get themselves certified. The Certification Team's effort partly depends on donations so don't hesitate if you want to make a contribution.

Research & Development Committee

Core / 4.x team

In 2007, one new version of TYPO3 has already seen the light, 4.1 plus maintenance subversion 4.1.1. The team [3], headed by new T3A active member Ingmar Schlecht, clearly stays focused on usability in every aspect of the system - the number one goal that has been set by the Development Team for all 4.x releases. Where 4.0 mainly focused on improved usability on the editor level, version 4.1.0 clearly had a lot to deliver to system administrators and developers. The most eye-catching features were Inline Relational Record Editing (IRRE), AJAX Page and File Tree, command line based cleanup functions and an improved Extension Manager. Despite this focus, this version also had numerous other improvements, fixes and small feature additions that have made it a great improvement. The 4.x team now takes a well deserved rest till T3DD07. After this event, development of 4.2 will start with full force.

5.0 team

As good oldfashioned path finders, Robert Lemke and Karsten Dambekalns have spearheaded the development of the new to-be-built 5.0 core [4]. The team took about half a year to lay down the foundation for the 5.0 architecture, working out basic ideas and a raw blueprint. This meant lots of reading, studying, vivid discussions, programming code snippets as well as testing and trying out a new development kit in an eXtreme Programming environment. During T3BOARD07 they gave a first presentation of their ideas of the new core which, although already very much in depth and technical, resulted in a very positive response in the attending crowd.

One month later, the team met each other again in Berlin, for the first time in an extended formation of five with the addition of Christian Jul Jensen, Sebastian Kurfürst and Ronny Unger. The basics of the new core and the development methods used, like the new JSR-170 content repository, the layered Architecture, Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP), Test Driven Development and Refactoring were discussed. Meanwhile, the team has also recruited Daniel Brün, an accomplished software architect to contribute to the refinement of the architecture.

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