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Sponsored Post – what is it?

A sponsored post is a paid, advertiser-created article published on which is labeled as an ad.

Our service editors will check the article for accuracy and take care of the content to achieve the maximum added value for the readers.

Therefore, press releases, solely promotional texts or content that doesn’t match our target group will not be published.

How much does it cost?

For any further questions, offers/prices, please contact our team.

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What’s the advantage for me as an advertiser?

The sponsored post will be published across all ouf our channels: homepage, landingpage of the certain editorial department, the t3n newsletter and our social media channels.

Its added value ensures a maximum of acceptance and reach among our readers. Since we strictly limit the publishing of sponsored posts, it also is a very exclusive format.

The post is suitable for the presentation of tools as well as for product launches, placement of a certain topic, interviews or how-tos – depending on whether the communication is aimed at awareness, branding or lead generation.

Brands can effectively increase the overall reach of their content marketing activities, target B2B decision makers and achieve sustainable awareness among the t3n users.

Example of a sponsored post

Sponsored Post

How does a sponsored post look like?

In the following article we explain how a sponsored post should look like and what’s to consider during creation (only available in German, sorry!): Das Advertorial: Unsere Erkenntnisse aus 5 Jahren Sponsored Post auf

Examples of different sponsored posts:


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