Cyber Security & Software Update Experts (all genders welcome)

Cyber Security & Software Update Experts (all genders welcome)

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Cyber Security & Software Update Experts (all genders welcome)

Work Environment

May the force be with you!

It is a period of continuous cyber threats. Ambitious colleagues, striking from Ingolstadt, are defeating the risk of evil hacker attacks. Doing so, the “Cyber Security and Software Update” teams managed to identify continuing threat potential arising from cyber-troublemakers. Pursued by those risks, the teams are searching for you, to join them and contribute keeping Audis automotive security up to par!

To us, cyber security is a top-priority as IT and software are intrinsic for the automotive development, sales and aftermarket services. Due to the increasing complexity of our innovative new functions and their diversified implementation in the car, new risks arise permanently regarding the manipulation and hacking of our connected cars. The challenge for the “Security and Software Update” teams at Audi is to provide processes, concepts and tools in order to anticipate, isolate and minimize these risks throughout the whole value chain: starting with the development process of a car, accompanying along the whole product lifecycle and ending with the end of service.

Therefore, we are increasing our efforts along the whole security value chain: close to our product development, our IT back-ends and cloud services. This journey starts with ECUs (electronic control units) and the development of our future models, includes automotive and IT related cyber security practices, but also concerns legal compliance and related management systems, homologation, as well as an incident management system monitoring for our cars, IT back-ends and cloud services and, finally, up to safe and secure OTA update services.

Thus, we are hiring in areas such as [cyber and car security], [cyber security tools & reporting] as well as [online monitoring], [intrusion detection] and [bug bounty programs], [homologation and technical compliance] and, last not least, [software management systems] across various departments.

Job Purpose/Role

  • As “Cyber Security and Software Update” team member, you will contribute to Audis security practices and compliance requirements throughout the whole development process and product lifecycle
  • Your cyber security expertise will add to prevent the manipulation and hacking of our cars, IT backends and cloud services by implementing dedicated security concepts, as well as evaluating and validating these concepts
  • Your software management expertise will help to create processes, methods and tools in order to ensure the integrity of the whole vehicle system
  • Joining Audi, you will contribute significantly to master technological challenges and comply with legal norms and regulations

Are we a good fit for you? Yes we are, if you are experienced in and excited about one or more focus areas around security and safety, such as…

  • …security analysis and risk evaluation of vehicle functions and ECU’s or
  • …security analysis and risk evaluation of IT backend infrastructures, platforms and applications or
  • …clarification and elaboration of countermeasures for vehicle related security incidents or
  • …definition and conception of an intrusion detection system or
  • …organization and realization of bug bounty programs and events or
  • …acquisition of data, as well as mechanisms (e.g. AI) for data analysis and evaluation or
  • …development of reporting tools and creation and handling of security reports
  • …configuration and compatibility management and software traceability

Please note, that this job ad contains various functional areas and a double-digit number of open positions.

Key Requirements/Skills/Experience


  • You have gained sound knowledge in the field of cyber security
  • You are fluent in business English language and ideally fluent in business German language
  • FINE PRINT: You hold a university degree in computer science, IT security, technical computer science, electronics, microsystems technology, mathematics or comparable studies

In accordance to the focus areas above, you are well versed in one (or more) of the topics mentioned above and thus, you add expertise in either…

  • …software management processes and systems
  • …implementation of security concepts or
  • …handling networking systems for online monitoring as well as with the acquisition of data or
  • …implementing a SOC (Security Operations Center) or
  • …experience with threat and risk analysis


  • …knowledge in the field of cryptography, security mechanisms, as well as in attacking models for IT and embedded systems
  • …experience with forensic and analysis of hacker attacks as well as elaboration of counter measures for security incidents
  • …experience with IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems)
  • …experience with embedded or app development
  • …experience in the conceptualization of tools and methods for security reporting, incident management or IT Service Continuity Management
  • …vehicle busses and communication systems within the car, e.g. CAN, LIN, MOST, FlexRay, Ethernet and cellular standards or
  • …experience conceptualization, implementation and execution of bug bounty and incentive programs in the cyber security context
  • …experience with AI, in particular with regard to data analysis and evaluation
  • …knowledge on vehicle architecture and topology
  • …handling of UNIX systems

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