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TYPO3 Association Activity Report

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06/2006 - 08/2006

Following the effort leading up to the release of version 4.0, the core developers have taken a well-earned leave, only recently returning to address the tasks ahead, paving the way to version 4.5 and 5.0. Futhermore, while the event committee is working hard, a new start has been made to revive the communication committee. Below, you find out what exactly we have been up to until now, as well as details about our plans for the near future. We look forward to welcoming you in the many teams already available, also hoping that new ones will emerge from the community during the next few months.

EVENT Committee

TYPO3 Developer Days

The TYPO3 Developer Days will take place from Friday 11th till Sunday 13th of August 2006 in the vicinity of Zurich, Switzerland. Many core developers will attend the meeting, planning to kick off the software design process for version 5.0, also expecting to find new contributors. Details will be announced shortly on typo3.org.

T3CON (formerly known as TYCON3)

The second worldwide TYPO3 conference will take place in Karlsruhe, Germany from Thursday 5th till Sunday 8th of October 2006. Currently, speakers are welcome to suggest their topic in reaction to the committee's call for papers. Find out more at http://t3con06.typo3.org/


The planning for the snowboard tour 2007 is underway: the team is searching for a suitable location to accommodate the growing crowd the snowboard tour is drawing. Any help would be most welcome - please subsribe to the event Team mailing list to join (see below).

Questions regarding the aforementioned events should be posted to the event committee's mailing list at t3a-events@lists. association.typo3.org.

R&D Committee - Release 4.5 and Roadmap 5.0

The R&D Committee has announced the becoming of a new Human Computer Interface Team (HCI) headed by Kasper Skårhøj. This team will collect and compile input from scientific research and developers' ideas for creating the user experience version 4.5 is planned to provide.

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For version 5.0 to become reality, Robert Lemke and Daniel Hinderink have been elaborating on the Association's plans at this year's LinuxTag during a speech titled "Can Open Source Systems Re-invent Themselves?". An article summarizing the speech will be published on typo3.org soon.

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