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Research & Development Committee

Core / 4.x Team

The development of TYPO3 4.2 officially took off with the core developers' meeting at the T3DD07 in Dietikon. Since Kasper resigned from active TYPO3 development and handed over the project leadership to Michael Stucki, the TYPO3 4.x team was also in need of a new release manager. The current idea is to have a new release manager for each TYPO3 4.x version. For the 4.2 release Ingo Renner and Rupert Germann were chosen to be the release managers. During a 4.2 brainstorming session, the first feature ideas were collected from the attending developers and were then put on the typo3.org wiki and extended by the core developers. The planned features for TYPO3 4.2 include:

  • UTF8 support by default
  • Drop of support for PHP4, requiring at least PHP5.2
  • Install Tool 2.0
  • TypoScript editor with code highlighting
  • Back end and front end Performance Improvements

Currently, the work is in progress and the release of alpha 1 will come soon. After the release, a tool for donations from the public shall be set up at typo3.org. There is currently not a lot of sponsoring coming in for the 4.x team, which is obviously slowing down development a bit. For more details on the upcoming release, check out the Roadmap [2].

5.0 Team

During the last weeks, the framework has evolved impressively. Influenced by best practices from all sorts of frameworks and GUI toolkits, Robert Lemke rewrote the MVC part of the framework. They even have a beautiful 'default view' by now. Unlike in other frameworks, the 5.0 Team [3] doesn't want to provide just scaffolding, but rather a solid building to work in. This will allow developers to focus on business logic. Coding interfaces will be as easy as it gets. For example, developers will be able to use Ajax without needing to use JavaScript anymore.

After a lively and productive discussion on the TYPO3 5.0 mailinglist, the syntax of TypoScript was carefully changed and refined, written down as EBNF and finally a new parser saw the light of day. The result is a more consistent TypoScript than ever, being parsed into an object tree on PHP level, thus making live easier for PHP and TS developers alike. The CMS package already implements some TypoScript objects, such as Text and ContentArray, with more to come. In the near future, this will be coordinated by Andreas Förthner, who has joined the team a short while ago. Welcome Andreas!

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