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Association Activity Report

    Association Activity Report

The summer of 2006 was filled with activities ramping up to the second international TYPO3 conference, once again taking place in Karlsruhe, Germany. The R&D Committee had reorganized the roadmap, setting up intermediate goals along the road to 4.5 and took a closer aim at 4.1, while also setting off on the journey to 5.0. The upcoming snowboard tour and the next issue of the TYPO3 Developer Days will provide more opportunities to step in and join your favourite effort.

Meanwhile, the immediate attention of the TYPO3 Association turns to making fundamental (and many) detail improvements to the typo3.org website, ultimately turning it into the collaboration platform we all hope for.

Event Committee

T3CON '06: Over 250 participants from all of Europe, Canada, the United States, Peru, Japan, and the Philippines attended the conference in Karlsruhe to listen to more than 20 presentations and to meet with other professional TYPO3 users. The next TYPO3 conference will aim at further improving the variety of speeches by also inviting experts on related topics from outside of the TYPO3 community. One example would be David Nüscheler, the JSR170 specification leader, speaking about the future of content repositories. Even so, TYPO3-specific speeches will dominate the conference and additional organisational enhancements are planned to help improve the experience for attendees and speakers alike. The third international TYPO3 conference will take place in Karlsruhe, Germany from September 20th to 22nd, 2007.

T3BOARD07: With over 130 people, both newbies and snowsports fanatics, the original TYPO3 community event visits Les Deux-Alpes in the French Alps from January 27th, 2006 to February 3rd, 2007. A few spots are still left, so please register to come and experience the spirit of the TYPO3 community (while getting stoked) [1].

Questions regarding these events should be posted to the event committee's mailing list [2]. Joining the committee is just as easy! Simply hook up with the list and offer your help wherever you see fit.

Research and Development Committee

No direct news from the committee, except for the successful T3DD event in August and a meeting held in Berlin in June. Both of them have helped to shape ideas and strategies for version 4.x and 5.0 of TYPO3, while, in the meantime, the original plans and approaches had undergone a quick organic development. More on this topic can be found in the 5.0 development news [3]. A release date and the functionality that is planned for 4.1 will be announced in the regular news on typo3.org shortly. For now, it is scheduled for the end of the year, or no later than January 2007.

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