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Ranging high and low: Association Activity Report

    Ranging high and low: Association Activity Report

The first half of 2008 brought us back the classic snowboard tour in its highest location ever at 2.200 meters above sea level in Laax, Switzerland. The general assembly in contrary took place at -5 meters of altitude in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Both events had their highlights, among them another round of strategic decisions as laid out in the budget and ample opportunities for late winter snowboarding.

The annual General Assembly is the meeting of the active members where the budget for the new year is decided upon, based on the applications by project leaders, lessons learned from last year and expectations for the current year and beyond. As such it is the one time where the financial situation is reviewed by the external accountant and approved.


While last years budget was mainly directed at the 5.0 effort, the 4.x development project claimed a larger share of the funds for their purposes this year, not least to be able to tackle risks of dwindling resources that made some goals for the 4.2 release unreachable. Meanwhile the 5.0 development is gaining momentum, which is also reflected by the unwavering support for this project on the budget. Other projects, including the security team, typo3.org relaunch and certification have secured their budgets to continue their work. The budget and the protocol is available to all supporting members, please check the members mailing list archives for details.

Despite its rather dry nature the general assembly is in the mean time also sure to draw a small crowd of supporting members, that want to learn first hand about the Associations decisions and plans. Our plan is to react to this interest to create a more open space for interaction and feedback in 2009, when the general assembly is planned to take place in Munich, Germany on the 7th of March at a location yet to be announced on our website [1].

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