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My First Day at School

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So here I am, 32 years old, first school day in ten years. I'm very excited. Will it capture my heart or propel me back into a dynamic and purpose seeking work life? Still an unanswered question. But one thing is for sure, even if it might not dawn on many of you guys who are just happy to get out of university and into real life: you must never stop to learn and seek inspiration.

[10:02] The teacher announces a pause. I rush to get some water and coffee. [10:08] Back in class. Should I ask people their names? I have no clue about the social culture of university but it feels awkward that we don't know each other's names here. Oh, maybe they all do that already. They could have other classes together. [10:13] More Powerpoint slides. Since I didn't attend the very first lesson, I don't know if this is referring to some homework I should have done. The guy sitting just next to me pulls out his macbook. Is it annoying that he surfs around while the teacher talks? Does the teacher find it disturbing? Or is that just how today's student culture is? I think he is the type that reads tons of blogs, writes blogs himself, surfs this and that website for fun. Quite a different pattern from me, as I'm always searching for specific knowledge – I rarely find fun in just clicking around. I think he mentioned a funny concept of an old web browser called "netpositive" where all error messages are Haiku poems.

The Web site you seek / cannot be located but / countless more exist.

[11:15] The dude next to me is narrowing in his search, throwing "netpositive ErrorMessage" into the Google search box. For some scary reason the fourth search result is the TYPO3.org Repository! Argh! Is that how we get so much traffic!?

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