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TYPO3 Association Activity Report

    TYPO3 Association Activity Report

The Snowboard Tour has passed with 5 days of sunshine and the all new TYPO3 logo flying on our flags, as if celebrating the release of version 4.0. This first version of TYPO3 to be developed and released under the aegis of the TYPO3 Association is as much the long-awaited completion of many long-term developments, as it is a proof for the case of the Association as the governing body of TYPO3 development in general. Here are the latest news from the Association:

Event Committee

This year's Snowboard Tour was held in Fiesch, Kanton Wallis, Switzerland from January 29th to February 4th, 2006. 134 participants, including externals, populated the slopes and took part in various activities ranging from football and ice hockey tournaments to heavy bandwidth consumption and CPU load in the nerding area. Special thanks for a great week in the snow goes to the T3BOARD06-Event-Team: Adrian Zimmermann (www.snowflake.ch), Michael Hirdes (www.elios.de) and Mathias Schreiber (www.wmdb.ch). Next year's tour is already being planned by the event committee and the quest for a suitable location is on.

The second international TYPO3 Conference 2006 T3CON (formerly known as TYCON3) will take place in Karlsruhe from October 3rd to 8th. Questions regarding these events should be posted to the event committee's mailing list at t3a-events@lists.association.typo3.org

R&D Committee

TYPO3 4.0beta3

Over the last few months, many people have been working intensely on the next major release, TYPO3 4.0. Most of the sub-projects are relatively stable already and the respective maintainers are fixing bugs they have detected during the currently running beta phase. Two final features are about to be committed to the TYPO3 core: One is the new default skin reflecting our brand new corporate design and the other is a modified extension manager which enables connection to the new extension repository. At this moment Karsten Dambekalns is fighting the remaining bugs in the PHP4 SOAP implementation and, as soon as this battle is won, Michael Stucki will release TYPO3 4.0beta3.

Security reviews

The improved extension repository provides a highly important feature to the TYPO3 community: Security reviewed extensions. An extension uploaded to TER2 will only be added to the official repository after a quick security check done by members of the security team. Although you can still access non-reviewed extensions (if you dare), you can now rely on the fact that at least two experienced developers have browsed the code of an extension for security relevant issues. This is no guarantee for 100% secure extensions, but still a big step forward towards a collection of high quality extensions.

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