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TYPO3 Association Activity Report

Quality Control Committee Certification will lead to a new standard in TYPO3 development. With a certification scheme enabling agencies to prove the quality of their services to customers, the general trust in TYPO3 solutions will increase greatly. The nine person team responsible for the setup of this scheme will initially meet in Germany on August 7th-8th, discussing and further substantiating their plans. Details about the certification process and the members of the certification team can be found on the Association Website:


Event Committee

The TYPO3 Conference 2006 (T3CON06) is in the last phases of planning. The call for papers resulted in 22 talks and four tutorials. The final schedule is out and should help participants to book their flights. Thanks to relentless negotiations with the hosting hotel, the event committee could maintain last year's price level for attendees. The official registration period has started on August 1st . Be prepared to book your spot early, as the T3DD registration has shown how quickly all spots can be taken.


The event committee has fixed the dates and location for the next and sixth overall Snowboard Tour. The TYPO3 Snowboard Tour Vol. VI will take place in Les Deux-Alpes, France from 27th of January to 3rd of Febuary 2007. Les Deux-Alpes is a large high-altitude ski resort offering all kinds of challenges and opportunities for having fun on and off your snowboard. Pricing information and details about accomodation is available on the T3BOARD-Webpage. Online Registration starts on September 15th.


R&D Committee

Members of the R&D Committee have held a meeting in Berlin at the end of May, discussing the roadmap of TYPO3. The main focus lay on organizing the development of the 4.x and 5.x series of TYPO3 in parallel, keeping the 4.x branch up-to-date while paving the way for 5.0.


Another key issue has been the structure of teams and development: Kasper has initiated the „TYPO3 genome project“, which will lead to a more transparent structure and clearly defined authorities and responsibilties of each team, enabling them to work more autonomously, thereby avoiding bottlenecks. During summer, the R&D committee has been focused on making the TYPO3 Developer Days happen. 100 developers have met in Switzerland to learn, explore and play around with new ideas. This event has enhanced the collaboration between TYPO3 developers sharing and improving their knowledge, ultimately benefitting not only themselves, but the TYPO3 project in general. Brainstorming sessions on 4.x, 5.x and the Human Computer Interface (HCI) have also been a vital factor in the process of shaping the future of TYPO3.

Think future, not feature – your T3A-Team

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