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TYPO3 Association Quarterly Report

    TYPO3 Association Quarterly Report

This is typically the quarter where there's not that much news to announce while in fact there is lot of stuff happening. For the first time here comes a short report on the team that is rebuilding typo3.org. It's an immense job where in the near future more helping hands will be more than welcome. The development teams are so deeply into development of features and stuff it's even hard for us to always see them. The people of Quality Control are mainly busy with certification software while the Event Committee is taking a good rest after T3CON and no event coming up the next two quarters so....I could just stop the report here!

Well that's of course not what you would expect from the TYPO3 Association [1] so please let us shine some more light into the matters of importance for T3 development and community efforts.

Quality Control Committee

TYPO3.org team

The team for rebuilding typo3.org [2] has been established in march 2007. The current layout and usability of typo3.org does not meet current standards anymore. Rebuilding typo3.org intend to create an improved appearance and variations for existing and upcoming subsites of typo3.org fostering usability and clearness. Also the content of typo3.com will be integrated into the new home of TYPO3, which will make an end to the era of separated sites for developers and the general public.

Two focal points for the developers part of the portal are documentation and the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER). Since the start, two meetings have been held in Düsseldorf, Germany. Tasks have been allocated to people, but the team started off without a real deadline. But now the work is starting to make good progress, they are working on a roadmap with milestones and a target date for the relaunch of the website.

An extensive design proposal for the new typo3.org as well as proposals for browsing TER and for team pages are ready and under discussion in the team. The team pages strive for the goal to get more commitment into TYPO3.

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