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April showers bring May flowers: TYPO3 Association Quarterly Report

    April showers bring May flowers: TYPO3 Association Quarterly Report

This years TYPO3 Developer days have been a full success all along the line with satisfied attendees from all over the world enjoying a great event and lots of useful information on the project's further development. Beyond that the Quality Control Committee continued to refine the certification process while the Research & Development Committee came up with a few organisational changes and announced the new schedule for future TYPO3 releases.

Quality Control Committee

Certification Team: In recent months the certification team concentrated mainly on the development of the first pre-test planned for autumn 2008. While part of the team gathered potential test questions the other team members planned the event itself.

With the help of many volunteers a significant number of questions have been gathered. Each question is reviewed by the certification team based on teaching value, understandability, and technical accuracy. More questions for the exam are needed and will help improve the quality of the certification. If you would like to suggest certification questions please send them to questioncollection.certification@typo3.org – the mail-address of the question collection team.

The planning of the pre-tests and the first certification exams continues to progress well. During the TYPO3 Developer Days in Elmshorn, Germany the team provided a short presentation about certification and the team's planned next steps. At this event, 15 new people registered for the first exams. This illustrates the strong interest in certification within the TYPO3 community.

Event Committee


Learn more about the T3CON08 on page 86.


For the first time, this international TYPO3 developer community event took place in Elmshorn near Hamburg, Germany. 150 TYPO3 enthusiasts from 11 countries shared their knowledge and enjoyed the excellent weather. The agenda included 28 presentations with topics like: productivity, usability, working with Eclipse, extension programming techniques, TYPO3 5.0, FLOW3, and more. Everybody enjoyed the presentations as well as the main social event, which resulted in all the nerds taking a dip in the swimming pool. Also, this time the 10%-female attendees found their way to the Nordakademie Elmshorn for some fun of their own. The excellent location provided an enjoyable and inspiring overall atmosphere. Responses from the event evaluation survey indicated that attendees were pleased with the entire event. The TYPO3 Developer Days T3DD09 will take place again in Elmshorn, Germany and will be held on May 14-17, 2009.

Research & Development Committee

v4 Team

Only a few weeks after TYPO3 4.2 was released, the Core Team started detailed planning for TYPO3 4.3. The team appoints release managers for every new version. Oliver Hader was chosen to lead the development of this new release. The team has decided to change from approximately a yearly release cycle to approximately a 6-month release cycle. This means that version 4.3 is planned for release this Fall. Oliver is publishing weekly status reports to help keep the community informed about the progress. TYPO3 4.x development has recently moved to a dedicated TYPO3 development server at http://svn.typo3.org. Having our own Subversion server will enable many special features that are probably too technically detailed to mention here ;-). Please note that if you have been using the old Subversion repository, you should follow the instructions for changing to the new server.

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